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Style Advice

Its time for shorts Wear them coolly.

Things are finally getting warmer and Summer is almost here, Finally!  Summertime is shorts time but so many don’t know how to wear shorts with cool style.

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Summer is for Linen .

I love to wear linen shirts in the hot summer months.  The fiber is incredibly breathable and airy and does a great job to allow moisture to evaporate through the cloth keeping you cool and dry.

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What color shoe should I wear?

My client Brian recently asked about matching tan shoes with charcoal suit. I’ve been asked the shoe quandary  that many men face, and most end up  wearing black shoes with everything.

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Your body and getting the correct fit

How to get a great fitting coat or shirt?  It’s much more than simply knowing your basic measurements of Chest, Waist, Sleeve and Neck.  It’s also knowing your body’s unique shape.

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